Email Marketing Strategy for the Holiday Season 2021

email marketing holidays Nov 14, 2021

The pumpkins are still on our front steps, but your customers are already thinking about Christmas and holiday shopping. 


Especially with the news of shipping delays, holiday shoppers are not wasting any time. And neither should you!



NOW is the time to reach out to your email list and start getting them excited about your holiday offerings.


Here are some last minute steps you can take to get your email marketing strategy set for the holiday season.


Disclosure: some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.


Create a Gift Guide


Put together a small gift guide featuring your products and send it out to your email list. Help them see how they can gift your items to their friends and family.


Put them in categories such as “gift for him”, “gifts for _____ lovers”, “gifts for co-workers” - whatever categories work best for your products.


You can go a bit bigger and collaborate with other makers, and you can create a gift guide featuring all of your products, and each of you can send it to your email list - a great way to gain exposure and give your customers more value.


Send Well Wishes for the Upcoming Holidays


Nurture your email list by sending a warm message for Thanksgiving. This shows your email subscribers that you value their support.



You can even ask questions and ask them to respond! Learn about your followers by asking them what their favorite holiday traditions are, or what they look forward to the most.

Share Concise and Valuable Content 


Your customers are going to get BOMBARDED with emails in the next few weeks. Everyone and their brother is selling something, and they all want a piece of the holiday sales pie.


Your emails during this time should bring value - give your customers a reason to open it!


Make your emails succinct and easy to read. This is not the time for rambling stories, but instead recognize that your reader’s time is valuable.


If you’re offering a coupon code or discount, make sure you explain exactly how it can be used and include the dates it is valid.


Include just ONE “call to action”. A call to action is a request that you make to your reader to get them to do something, such as go to your website, respond to your email, or share with a friend.


Having multiple calls to action in one email is confusing to recipients. So choose just one for each message.

What Should You Put in Your Emails Now?


During the shopping season, you’ll want your fans to know about any new products you have in your shops. 


If you’re having a sale or promotion, make sure you share it with your email list!




Are you appearing in any craft shows that you think your followers might want to attend? You can send a list of the shows along with links to the show websites if available.


If you set up a gift guide, this is a great thing to share with your list as well.


Look back on previous years (if you have them) and see which topics got more opens and sales, then try to replicate them this year.


Each of these ideas should be a separate email! Remember we said just “one call to action” per email message? The same applies to the topic of your email. 


If you use an email provider such as Flodesk you can set these emails up in advance and schedule them to release throughout the season so you don’t need to worry about sending emails out while you’re super busy.


And if you need help creating graphics for your emails, check out my new course - Clear Cut Canva! I’ll help you easily navigate this terrific tool so you can create gorgeous graphics for your emails, social media and more.




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