Handmade Business Holiday Selling Tips - 2021

holidays Nov 21, 2021

‘Twas the week of Thanksgiving

And all through your craft space

Not a supply was missing

Not a thing out of place


Your website is stocked

With your handmade delights

And visions of sales

Keep you up through the nights..."


I could go on, but you get the idea! 


Has the holiday panic set in? 


I know you are busy with holiday preparations, so this week’s blog post is just a quick, last-minute checklist to make sure you are ready to have your best handmade holiday selling season ever!

Supplies - have you ordered what you needed, and has it arrived yet? Remember shipping is going to take time, make sure you keep track of outstanding items that have yet to arrive.


Inventory - make sure you have a plan on how to track your inventory. It can be tricky when you’re selling in multiple places! Keep track of sales and make sure your numbers are updated on your websites.


Photos - are all your holiday photos done and uploaded to your product pages? Make sure all your new products and special holiday offerings are updated and ready for customers.


Packing supplies - do you have enough boxes, packing materials, labels, tape? 


Marketing - are your social media posts scheduled and ready to post? Did you write your emails that are going to your list, and are they scheduled to go out? Double check your scheduling tools to make sure you didn’t forget to click “schedule”.


Organizing - have you set up stations for yourself to make, pack and ship your items? Do you have folders set up for paperwork that you may need to keep track of, or digital folders for files on your computer?


Self-care - have you scheduled some time each day for a break?

 This is the one thing that most of us forget, but it’s so important! The last thing you need is to burn out; most days, try to find 15 to 30 minutes where you can walk away and refresh. And once a week, give yourself a few hours!



Check out my posts on Instagram for self-care tips for handmade sellers, I share my favorites every Saturday.

I hope you have a fantastic handmade holiday selling season! Be sure to check in to my Facebook group when you need help or have a question. It’s a group exclusively for craft business owners like you.


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