How to Organize Your Business for Holiday Success

holidays organization Oct 10, 2021

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As we get closer to the crazy, I mean, exciting holiday season, I am trying to set myself up for success. I feel that being organized can truly make or break your business, any time of year. And I want to see you BLOOM this holiday season!

So let’s organize your business for holiday success this year!


Declutter Your Space


Maybe you let your workspace go over the summer, or maybe you’ve been a busy little elf making lots of product in anticipation of the holiday rush.


 I wish it were this easy!


Before that rush actually begins, take some time to declutter your workspace. 


Put the tools and materials you use most often in a place where they’re easily accessible. Everything else needs it’s own home! Put papers in files where they belong, and come up with a system for organizing your supplies.


Document your Workflows


As you make your products, document what you do and how you do it. This way, when you’re up to your ears in orders, you don’t need to try to remember how you made it! You’ll have a step by step guide that will get you through those orders as quickly as possible.


This is also helpful for any other workflows you may do for your business, from paying bills to processing returns. 


Clean Up Your Digital Clutter


I cannot tell you how many photos and videos I have clogging up my laptop right now! It’s time to go through your digital files and try to organize them in a way that makes sense to you.



I’ve got some great tips on organizing your digital clutter here. While you might not have time to do a full on organization, try to focus on the digital files you feel you will need in the next couple of months. You can do the rest after the holidays.


Start Time Blocking to Organize Your Business for Holiday Success


If you’re a regular here, you know how much I love time blocking for my business. It has completely changed how I run my jewelry business, giving me more time to focus on creating.


As you start to organize for the holidays, come up with a time blocking schedule for the rush. Plan on time for making product, time for answering emails and messages, and time for taking a break! 


Most of us are also juggling families, maybe other jobs, and lots of responsibilities on top of running our handmade businesses. Having a schedule with time blocks will help you juggle all those proverbial balls.


Make Sure Your Calendar Is Up To Date


Now is the time to ensure your marketing plans are ready to go, and that key dates are in your calendar. 


This includes shipping timelines as well as cut off dates for delivering your products in time for the holidays. You can see the shipping timelines for all the major shipping services here.



On your calendar, include any days you need to order supplies. Also schedule in days off! You need breaks as much as you need to work. Burning out before the holidays get here is not what you want to do. Putting your breaks in writing will hopefully help you stick to them.



I’m excited for the holiday season and I’m hoping you all see your sales goals fulfilled. Organizing your business for holiday success will definitely help you accomplish your goals! 

A great way to get more traffic to your site this holiday season is to create a shop-able gift guide! It’s something that can be shared easily, and gives your customers ideas for what to get everyone on their list.

I’ve got a free PDF on creating a gift guide for you - download it now by clicking here. Here’s to a great holiday selling season!


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