Freebies, Guides, and Tutorials to help your handmade business

Free Facebook Community for Handmade Sellers

Join our free resource community, where we talk about all things related to handmade business ownership.

Free Video Tutorial: How to create an online sales event for your boutique business

Get access to this free workshop course, teaching you exactly how to collaborate with other boutique owners to put together a lucrative virtual shopping event. 

Digital Course: Get Online, Grow Online

(This is a paid resource)

This course gives you the exact framework you need to get your handmade business up and running online. Learn branding, content creation, social media, email marketing, and even Shopify!

How to use Etsy as a marketing tool

This free PDF guide gives you 3 tips for how you can use Etsy as a marketing tool to drive traffic to your standalone website. 

Shopify for Handmade Business

(this is a paid resource)

If you have your business established and have been waiting to take that leap onto your own website, NOW is the time! This self-guided workshop course walks you through exactly what you need to do to get your handmade business onto Shopify. 

Shopify for Boutiques & Small Business

(this is a paid resource)

If you have a boutique or brick and mortar store and you need to get online, this is the right resource for you! A step by step tutorial for exactly how to get your boutique business up and running on Shopify. 

How to Create a Gift Guide

This free PDF guide walks you through exactly how to create and share a gift guide (pro tip: you can create these all year round!)

Business Basics Bootcamp

Whether you are creating your business structure from the ground up or you are wanting to dot your i's and cross your t's, the Business Basics Bootcamp blog series is your go-to guide for how to set up the back end of your business for success!

FREE 4 Week Challenge: Pivot to Profit

This free 4 week challenge will get you and your business ready for a whole new world: a completely online Fall/holiday sale season (no art fairs or craft shows needed!)


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